Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policies mentioned are the approaches of Ridersewa towards their customers. These policies are open to all public documents.

  • Information Collection

    The personal information will only be collected when certain functions which are a part and parcel of the activities of Ridersewa has to be carried out where the information is primarily necessary.

    Ridersewa collects personal data for providing updates on new products and services.

    Ridersewa will be collecting data for account management, billing services, business planning and marketing.

    Ridersewa will notify users the sole purpose of collecting information and it will also show transparency by stating the overview of the purpose. The individual may then decide. Any suggestions on removal of personal data from our database for any reasons will be promptly acted upon. The disclosure of personal data will only be done to related bodies corporate and to the Government of Nepal at any point if required.

  • Information Usage

    Ridersewa might only be using the collected information for direct marketing of its product.

    Any user at any circumstances can easily unsubscribe the direct marketing program of ridersewa.

    If an individual opt out from direct marketing program, his/her wish will be thoroughly respected at any means.

    Sensitive information will not be used by Ridersewa for direct marketing at any cost.

    Ridersewa may use personal information for any internal investigations into unlawful activities ordered by the Government of Nepal.

  • Information Disclosure 

    Ridersewa may disclose personal information to related or unrelated third parties if consent has been obtained from the individual. 

    Ridersewa may disclose information for overall safety.

    Ridersewa may disclose personal information to the third parties for accounting activities.

    Ridersewa will not be sharing or selling its customer list for any commercial purpose. If it is done so, Ridersewa must have done it with prior consent of the individual.

  • Information Quality  

    Ridersewa will be reviewing the collected data frequently and it will be ensuring the accuracy of the collected information through different means. (inquiring individuals )

    In case of a system failure, Ridersewa may request the users to re-enter information.

    Ridersewa possesses every right to destroy information which are not handy or fruitful after a particular period of time to safeguard the interest of Ridersewa.

  • Information Security  

    Ridersewa possesses dedicated and focused team members who do not fail to carry out their duties to attain the privacy policies in every possible ways.

    Ridersewa ensures that the data regarding personal information will only be accessed by an authorized personal for an official motive.

  • Information Accessing and Correction 

    Only an authorized individual from Ridersewa itself is allowed to access or examine the records containing personal information.

    The record containing personal information will be updated by RiderseWA forthwith, at the request of concerned individual.

    Ridersewa allows users to correct/update/remove their personal information for any valid reasons.

    Individuals holding account at Ridersewa may also update their personal information time to time.

  • Anonymous Transactions 

    Queries regarding personal information are only done for answering an inquiry or for providing a service. Ridersewa does not make it mandatory to provide any kind of personal information.

    Ridersewa allows its customers to transact with it anonymously wherever possible. 

  • Glossary 

    Collection of Information means gathering information from a source after notifying an individual prior to the collection of their personal information to get an accurate picture of an area of interest. 

    Ridersewa refers to all our divisions and related service providers.

    Personal Information generally means recorded information or opinion on an individual, which makes him identifiable.

    Sensitive Information refers to: 

    • Information or an opinion on race or ethnic origin. 
    • Information or an opinion on politics or membership of a political association.
    • Information or an opinion on sexual preferences or practices.
    • Information on past criminal records.
    • Health information about an individual.